fnjy4pNFvHDfKAoc.jpgOur purpose is to promote, represent, and enhance the rights and interests of manufactured homeowners in Polk County and the Greater Lakeland area through communication, education, and, most importantly, the preservation of our communities. Our major focus will be the education of our elected officials, better communications between the FMO and park HOAs and to strengthen the bargaining power in Tallahassee of manufactured homeowners living in land leased communities.              

The Greater Lakeland Interpark Council is comprised of 48 communities in and around the City of Lakeland, Florida. 

    We began with a small group of 3-4 communities 25+ years ago formed to discuss issues in our surrounding communities. This has now blossomed into 48 communities in and around Lakeland and expanding into Polk County. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for us living in 55+ land leased communities and attempt to make the playing field more equitable through legislation when dealing with the huge corporations we deal with in today's economy and lifestyle. 

The GLIC meets on the first Thursday each month from November to April. Coffee at 8:30am meeting begins at 9 am.

We are a communication and information gathering organization.

The GLIC has speakers each month on various topics that effect 55+ land leased communities.

We have an open mic each meeting to allow the membership to voice their concerns, issues and problems they may have in their respective communities. During these discussions other communities may have had similar issues and offer how the issue(s) were handled within their communities and take that advice back to their respective communities to aid them in the decision-making process.

We have no membership dues and the only thing we require to join is a $25 donation per community which gives that community a lifetime membership to the GLIC.

If you are not a member and wish to have your community join the GLIC please contact the GLIC President listed on the front page.

sUIXf5yoRt0Ntr0X.jpgWe need to engage our Polk County legislators and others in the leadership positions in Tallahassee by means of letters, emails or phone calls early on in the legislative process. We need multiple Senators and House members to co-sponsor bills that would help level the playing field for retirees in communities all over Florida. It will not be easy to get a bill sponsored and passed but not trying is not an option. Let’s share our ideas over the Summer and send them to the FMO political action committee in hopes to get a new bill written “this Summer” for passage in 2024 that would enhance some of the ideas in HB 751 and SB 1378 and would further incorporate all the things your parks would like to see for changes to FS723 that would restore some measure of balance to the statute.

 LJOQm9kSUIQOw9vA.jpg       We need better lines of communications so everything that is happening at the FMO state level is delivered to you and your HOAs in a timely manner. Your park HOAs need a platform where they can communicate the everyday issues that their members have all year to the FMO leaders and, in return, you receive important updates on a regular basis.